Monday, June 28, 2010

The Fever is out.........

I been on my hustle yall, mad busy lately, but here's what's goin on with me. If you ain't know, my album "Cabin Fever" is out now! It's digitally available on iTunes and physical copies are available at You can also hit me up direct to get your copy! Peep the interview I did with Adam Bernard on his blogsite, real good stuff!

Also my man Cimer Amor drops his new album "Taking Nowhere Somewhere" on June 29th on iTunes. The beats are crazy and Cimer has some of the best in underground hip hop featured on the album. Cop that!

My homie Happ G has his "10 in 2010" project jumping off where his label Karma Response Unit Records will release 10 records this year to celebrate their 10 year birthday. The first album was "7 Touches", the second one is my album "Cabin Fever", and the third which just released is "Karma Response Unit B-Sides 2000-2010"! All of these are incredibly dope records and he's till got 7 more to go! Try to keep up with him!

The Krush Unit crew has been busy in the booth banging out this Snowgoons/Krush Unit record which is coming out bananas! Here's some video footage of us talking about the project!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Krushin & Bussin

My New album "Cabin Fever" is at the manufacturer as we speak, and I should have it in another week or so. Thanks to everybody who pre-ordered the album ahead of time! Sorry for the wait, but I promise it will be well worth it! I also want to clear some confusion. This album is coming out on Karma Response Unit Records, not Krush Unit Inc. I know, two labels from the same city with similar names...blah.. blah. My homebase is Krush Unit, but Happ G and I decided to work together and put out this dope record "Cabin Fever" which will be coming out on his label, Karma Response Unit Records....get it? it?  Good! Hahaaa
In the meantime, peep my video to the first single off the album!  "Beards" and "Gone Like the 80's" Feat. my man Jake Lefco

The Krush Unit crew and I have been hard at work finishing up this new Snowgoons Vs. Krush Unit album...shits gonna be bananas! We got a couple more songs to wrap up and yall should have that in ya hands real soon. Krush Unit is also busy putting an album together that features all of us as a collective, so we got that in the works too....don't worry, it's coming.....

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Where have I been??

That's a good question. I been on the low man, but always writin' and recordin'. The good thing is, alot of the music I been working on over the past year and change is finally going to come out!

First up to bat, you can catch me featured on my man Happ G's "7 Touches". Happ G 's "7 Touches" is a dope EP that is available on iTunes for just $3.99 for a limited time. It features Reef the Lost Cauze, Jake Lefco, Side Effect, Scandal of 40th Dimension, Briz, and Snuff of Media 101. Six emcees. One producer. 7 Touches. I'm featured on the songs "Thurlest Bul" and "Nothing No Nada", so make sure you pick that up!

Then my homie Cimer Amor from Caen Project has his new album called "TAKING NOWHERE SOMEWHERE" dropping May 25th. I am featured on the first single "Another Classic" which features Torae, Burke, and Me! TAKING NOWHERE SOMEWHERE will be available on iTunes and other digital outlets. Taking Nowhere Somewhere will feature Jakk Frost, Sha Stimuli, Snowgoons, Baby Blak, CAEN Project, Side Effect, King Magnetic (AOTP), Rockie Reyes, L.F. Daze, Faez One, Rellik, Product, Enem (of Infamy: The Movie), Granz, Jay Love (of Odd Couple), and Poynt Blanc!